Do you provide dog-walking and pet-sitting services in Ankeny, Grimes, Pleasant Hill, Altoona, or Carlisle, Iowa?

No, I'm sorry I don't. I prefer to remain local to keep fuel costs and mileage down, which keeps my rates reasonable and fair. By limiting my service area to the westside of Des Moines, I can remain flexible in terms of last-minute bookings and can drop in regularly to visit pets that require extra care (e.g. - frequent potty breaks or medication dispensation).


Where, specifically, is your coverage area?

Roughly, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Clive, Windsor Heights, Beaverdale, Johnston, Sherman Hills, Linden Heights, the Des Moines-West vicinity, and near Downtown no farther east than 17th & Grand Ave.

This area includes sections of the following zip codes: 50307, 50308, 50309, 50310, 50311, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50315, 50325, 50322, 50323, 50265, 50266.

Ten dollar 15-minute visits are available only for pets in close range of my home vicinity, which is nearest the Merle Hay area (please email me to inquire).


What types of animals are you comfortable working with?

I am comfortable working with most domestic pets, with the exception of birds. If you do keep birds, one option is for you to have a friend stop by to see to them or to enlist the services of a second local pet-sitter. I do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but your birds will certainly be better off being cared for by someone that is familiar with their special needs, diets, and proper handling.

Also, I am highly allergic to guinea pigs, so it's best that I not physically handle them.

Cats, dogs, rodents (particularly friendly rats and mice), some reptiles, and freshwater and marine inhabitants are the pets I'm most experienced with handling.


How do I sign-up for your dog-walking or pet-sitting service?

After looking over this site and deciding what services are most appealing, you can email me and I will reply as soon as possible. We can then further discuss rate quotes, scheduling options, or any other concerns or questions you may have and arrange a time for our "meet-n-greet."

Prior to arranging a time to meet, please peruse my policies page to familiarize yourself with common procedures and practices.


Once I schedule pet-sitting visits for my pet(s), what happens next?

Scheduling is followed up by a "Meet-n-Greet" (i.e. - initial consultation) preferably at least 3 days prior to the first pet-sitting visit. During this visit, we will go over any necessary paperwork and rate quotes. This time also gives everyone involved (particularly your pet) a chance to become acquainted and for me to note details of their routines and where supplies are stored.


Do you watch pets in your own home?

No, I do not board animals at my place or provide day-care services for a variety of reasons, namely that I live in an apartment and have pets of my own that may not be compatible with yours. Care is provided at your home only.


How much notice should I give DSM Pets when booking a visit?

Preferably call or email as soon as your plans are concrete. The more notice I have, the better I can serve you.

Please remember that pet sitters can book-up quickly, especially around popular travel holidays.


Who will be coming to my home?

I alone will be taking care of your pets. I do NOT hire outside help or out-source as other pet-sitting companies so often do. This allows your pets to become familiar with me, as opposed to having different people visit your pets each time.


Is there a limit to the number of pets you will care for?

No, your rate is based on the amount of time dedicated to visiting with and caring for your pets. If the allotted time must be exceeded, your rate will be adjusted to cover the extra time to properly care for your pets, but the time needed can usually be assessed in advance during our initial meet-n-greet. However, households with 5 or more dogs will incur an additional $5 fee per visit.


What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I'm away?

If your pet needs medical attention, he/she can be taken to your preferred veterinarian or the nearest veterinary hospital if after-hours (at your expense and with your permission granted). If an appointment cannot be scheduled with your preferred vet, your alternate vet will be called. In the event that neither veterinarian is available, your pet will be taken to a quality, local vet clinic to receive necessary treatment.

You and/or your emergency contact person will be called as per the instructions provided on your Client Information Form (filled out during the initial meet-n-greet) and your pet can be taken to the veterinarian of your choice. In the event of an incident or illness occurring when your preferred vet is unavailable, I can try my best to transport your pet to the nearest after-hours clinic to receive care.


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