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Hello! My name is Abbey Floyd and I'm a 35-year-old resident of Des Moines with my kitten, Kritten. In 2008, I graduated with a B.S. in Social Science and a minor in Criminal Justice.

DSM Pets was first launched in February 2008, and business thankfully continues doing very well.

In my off-time, I enjoy painting and sketching, reading (mostly nonfiction), learning to cook, dabbling in website design, and of course playing with the pets. Previously I volunteered with the AFSC (American Friends Service Committee), a peace-building non-profit organization, though now I am considering new volunteer opportunities.

On February 2, 2008, I successfully completed Petco's Pet First Aid Online Course, which included instructions on what to do in a variety of situations (administering CPCR, poisoning, chemical and electrical burns, lacerations, sprains and strains, hypothermia, etc.).

DSM Pets is insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (document of proof can be made available during our meet-n-greet).

In short, because I love animals! I have been involved with caring for various animals throughout my life, including dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, fish and invertebrates, wild birds and rabbits (through the Wildlife Rescue Team), pet mice and rats.

Dog-walking became a hobby back in childhood that I've maintained interest in. Both the dogs and I benefit from the exercise and fresh air, and the company can't be beat!


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